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Excel Volleyball Club

Back to School Programs

EXCEL offers a Back to School three day camp as well as two Back to School clinics to get athletes ready for middle school tryouts.  Our Back to School Camp is for athletes that need to spend some time in the gym to work on all skills.  Our Back to School Clinics are for athletes that have continued to play volleyball all summer that want to work on their techniques for ball control, hitting, setting and serving.  Both programs are led by our certified club coaches.  

Back to School Camp

Grades:  5th - 8th 

Dates:   August 12th-14th

Time:  9:00am-Noon (5th-7th grade); 1:00-4:00pm (8th grade)

Cost:  $150 ($10 discount if registered by July 7th)

Get ready for school tryouts!  Our Back to School Camp is designed to thoroughly prepare athletes physically and mentally for school tryouts.  It is designed to focus on all skills as wells as specific positions during this three-day camp.  Key concepts taught include ball control, directing, movement, reading hitters, floor recovery, hitting techniques, serving control and strategies.  Athletes are separated by skill level and age group.

Back to School Clinics 
Get ready for school tryouts!  This clinic is designed to prepare athletes for middle school tryouts.  The clinic will focus on passing, hitting and serving.  We recommend attending both clinics to get the maximum benefit before tryouts.  Athletes are separated by skill level and age group.
Grades:  7th - 8th
Dates:  Sunday, August 10th & 17th
Time:  3:30-5:30pm 
Cost:  $25 (per clinic)



2014 Tournament Highlights


 1st Place Champions:  EXCEL 14N Noah (National Bid)

*  3rd Place:  EXCEL 17N MAC (American Bid)

Open At Large Bid 
EXCEL 13N Kyla (qualified for Open Nationals)


McChesney Championship

*  1st Place Champions:  EXCEL 11 Whitney, EXCEL 12 Hindman, EXCEL 13 Gilberto

Northern Lights NQ (Minneapolis)


* 1st Place Champions:  EXCEL 14N Noah, EXCEL 16N ALEPP (qualified for USA Nationals)

* 2nd Place:  EXCEL 14N Hayley (USA)

* 4th Place:  EXCEL 13N Kyla (Open)


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Player Spotlight

Erin Dibble
commits to Oklahoma University

Madyson Gill
commits to East Central Oklahoma 

Riley Duzenack 
commits to University of Central Arkansas

Alexis Garner 
commits to Brookhaven


Are you a Rock, a Rider, or a Puller?

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