Teams play in the Open division in NTR tournaments unless otherwise noted.

Big Tex Showdown

3rd Place:  10 Red

SWBT: NT Challenge

2nd Place:  16N Red (18 Club)

Southwest Boys NQ

2nd Place: 16N Red Boys (qualified for Nationals!)

TOT Qualifier 

Qualified for the Tour: 13N Red, 14N Red, 16N White, 17N Red

Pre-Qualified: 15N Red, 16N Red, 18N Red


1st Place Champions: 16N Red

2nd Place:  18N Red

3rd Place:  14N Red

5th Place:  12N Red, 13N Red, 17N Red 

9th Place: 14N White, 15N Red, 15N White, 16N White, 18N White

Unity Kickoff

1st Place Champions: 16N Red, 17N Red

2nd Place: 18N Red

3rd Place:  13N Red, 14N Red

5th Place:  12N Red, 15N White, 15N Red, 16N White

North Texas Home Opener

2nd Place:  14N White

3rd Place:  12N White, 13N White

5th Place:  15N Blue