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training levels

  • lEVEL oNE


  • lEVEL Two

    Intermediate/Club Experience

  • lEVEL three

    Advanced/National Club Team


We are pleased to offer exceptional training for novice, intermediate and advanced athletes. Please note the level of the training prior to registering.


Introduction to Volleyball.  EXCEL Rookies has three stages for youth athletes to master.  Beginning with Rookies Rising Stars.  Stage two is Rookies Minors and stage three is Rookies Majors.

Starts: Apr 10 ’22 Ends: Dec 29 ’22 CORE FUNDAMENTALS Expand

Core Fundamental Clinics teach athletes 15 & under the appropriate technique for specific skills.  Individual clinics are offered to allow athletes to master technique before moving onto skills training.

Starts:Apr 16 ’22 Ends:June 6 ’22 SKILLS TRAINING Expand

Skills Clinics provide athletes with instruction on individual skills.  These clinics assume athletes some volleyball play experience.  Novices should attend Core Fundamentals prior to attending Skills Clinics.

Starts:Apr 17 ’22 Ends:June 30 ’22 ADVANCED SKILLS TRAINING Expand

Advanced Skills Clinics are for experienced national club athletes.  This training is appropriate for athletes that have a solid volleyball foundation and have mastered the Skills Training.  Clinics are fast paced and demanding.    

Starts:Apr 18 ’22 Ends:Aug 31 ’22 BOYS TRAINING Expand

EXCEL offers a variety of skills training for male athletes.  Clinics will use men’s ball and net height for 14 & over athletes. Athletes are separated by age and skill level.

Starts:May 9 ’22 Ends:Sept 1 ’22 CLUB TRYOUTS Expand


Starts:May 13 ’22 Ends:Jul 31 ’22 CAMPS Expand


Starts:May 15 ’22

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