Frequently Asked Questions

We have an exceptional coaching team for 2022-2023 club season!  We are pleased to offer a strong line-up of certified, experienced coaches in all age groups. Attend some of our some clinics and camps to get to know our coaching team!

Q: When do players renew their NTR membership?

A:  On or after September 1st.

Q:  Do we need to sign a Player Medical Release form?  

A:  Yes, MR forms will be requested in September (waiting on USAV for the updated form).

Q:  When do we have uniform fittings?

A:  Uniform fittings are typically held on Signing Day or the week after Signing Day.  Check with your head coach for the specific day and time.

Q:  When does practice start?

A:  The start date of practices varies by team.  Please check your team schedule for the specific date and time for your team.

Q:  When will we receive the tournament schedule?

A:  Tournaments are awarded in late August.  Parents can expect to see a draft of the tournament schedule in early September.  The schedule will be finalized by the mid of September.

Q:  Does EXCEL have opportunities for parents to reduce club fees?

A:  Families can participate in the EXCEL Work Program.  Simply, fill out the Work Program Form to show your interest (Link:  Parents will also have the opportunity to participate in optional fundraising programs during the year.

Q:  Does EXCEL host scorekeeping and R2 Clinics?

A:  EXCEL will host scorekeeping and R2 Clinics in the fall.  Athletes and parents can also take the training online through SportsEngine.  Check the monthly newsletters for more information.

Q:  What is the best way to stay up-to-date on EXCEL activities?

A:  Follow EXCEL on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.  Also, read the monthly newsletter.

Q:  What is the preferred method of payment for club dues? 

A:  Our preferred method of payment is an online transfer.  Parents pay directly from an invoice.  Parents can request a single invoice for the entire season by e-mail  The default is monthly invoicing.

Q:  When can we book our travel arrangements?

A:  We advise parents not to book airfare until their team is accepted into a travel tournament.  There is no guarantee the team will be accepted.  We will communicate when teams are accepted.