2024 training

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Our spring and summer training provides new players with an introduction to the sport and allows seasoned players to strengthen their skills and potentially explore a new position.

We offer a wide range of clinics and camps including but not limited to advanced Exceleration Clinics, skill-specific camps, College Coaches Camp, Excel Juniors Camp, and more.  Our training caters to kindergartners through high school players, with training offered throughout the summer.  Select clinics/camps appropriate for your athlete's ability and rising USAV Age group. 
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Athlete level

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Club prep

Starts: Jan 1 '24
Ends: Dec 31 ’24

Introduction to youth volleyball.  EXCEL offers a strong training program for athletes that are new to the game or a seasoned recreational players.  Athletes will work with experienced coaches to learn core fundamentals needed to be successful.  Athletes move between training levels as they master skills.  

Boys Training

Starts: May 12, '24
Ends: Sept 30, '24

Boys only volleyball training.  Men's ball will be used for 13s and over.  Training is open to male athletes ages 11-18.

Core Fundamentals

Starts: June 1 '24
Ends: July 31 '24

The EXCEL CORE Circuit Training Program provides an introduction to fundamental skills including serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking and digging.  The Core Circuit Training Program is perfect for athletes that want to build a strong foundation of fundamental volleyball skills.  After completing the Core Clinics, athletes can progress to Skills & Positional Clinics.

Skills Training

Starts: June 1 '24
Ends:  August 31 '24


Skills & Positional Clinics are offered for intermediate and advanced players to work on form and technique.  Athletes must have volleyball experience and basic skills.  Core Fundamentals are a prerequisite for these clinics.  Select clinics/camps appropriate for your athlete's ability and rising USAV Age group.  Clinics and camps are non-refundable.  Click on the title for details on the event.

Advanced Skills Training

Starts: April 7 '24
Ends: Aug 31 '24

Advanced skills training for national club level athletes.  Exceleration Clinics are high rep and fasted paced clinics.  We recommend mastering Skills & Positional Clinics before attending an advanced clinic.  Select clinics/camps appropriate for your athlete's ability and rising USAV Age group.  Clinics are non-refundable.

Specialty & Skills Camps

Starts: May 6 '24
Ends: Dec 31 '24

Advanced Specialty and Skills Camps are offered to the public.  Experienced Club Coaches lead our training programs.