2024-2025 Age Group Leads

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EXCEL is pleased to announce the Age Group Leads for the upcoming 2024-2025 club season.

EXCEL 11N Red:  Hailey Tongkeamha & Haley Puddy

EXCEL 12N Red:  Libby Shewski & Megan Baggett

EXCEL 13N Red:  Jeremy Tongkeamha & Ashley Pennington

EXCEL 14N Red:  Shea Jenkins & Kendall Patterson

EXCEL 15N Red:  Brauzon Neves & Madeline Johnson

EXCEL 16N Red:  Justin Waters & Lauren Stahlman

EXCEL 17N Red:  Stephanie Poole & Lee Tonga

EXCEL 18N Red:  Shea Jenkins & Romel Manio

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