Chris Baughman

12N Blue Head Coach


Quick facts

  • Fourth year of coaching for EXCEL
  • 30 years of volleyball experience
  • Focuses on fundamentals and developing well rounded players


Chris Baughman has coached Excel 12 Blue for 4 years, spending the first 3 years as an Assistant Coach and as Head Coach for the 2022 season. 

He has 30+ years of volleyball experience, including indoor and beach. He started playing volleyball in 1987 and soon began playing indoor and beach volleyball at the Open level.

Chris’ focus as a coach for the 12u group is on teaching volleyball fundamentals and creating well-rounded players. Most importantly, he nurtures their passion for volleyball.

Volleyball has played a role in all his major life events. Chris met his wife Meredith at an outdoor volleyball tournament in Austin, TX. His daughter, Landry,  has played for Excel’s top teams since she started with 12 Red and expects to end her club career with Excel’s 18s. Chris’ son, Hudson, plays select-level basketball, but his parents try to tempt him into the volleyball world.

When he isn’t coaching, Chris enjoys Beach Volleyball (still), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai Kickboxing (Muay Thai), and all things outdoors.