Eric Choate

14N Blue Head Coach & 16N Blue Assistant Coach


Quick facts

  • Starting his 9th year coaching for EXCEL
  • Experience coaching ages 12 through 16
  • Enjoys motivating junior athletes on and off the court
  • Sports advocate having played football, baseball, golf and bass fishing


This is Eric’s 8th year with Excel. This year, he returns to the sidelines to coach 14 Blue with his wife, Chandler. Together, they have worked with all ages from 12s to 16s and are looking forward to another season at Excel.

Eric has played sports throughout his life including football, baseball, golf, motor cross and bass fishing. He enjoys motivating young athletes to succeed on and off the court – to work hard and play hard! He appreciates players that understand there are no short cuts and everyone can have success if they are passionate,  have a strong work ethic, a great attitude, energy and the ability to be coachable.

Eric has two daughters, both former college cheerleaders. When not coaching volleyball or playing golf, Eric enjoys watching sports with his favorite sidekick, his English Bulldog Gus.