Philip Wong

12 Blue Assistant Coach

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Quick facts

  • Believes in coaching with encouragement & enthusiasm
  • Has a passion for setting
  • Software engineer


Philip Wong is joining the Excel family as the 12 Blue Assistant Coach for the 2023 season.

Volleyball has been a central part of his life since high school, playing sand and indoor recreationally throughout college and while working as an software engineer. Though he loved playing the game, he would constantly be seen teaching and encouraging others so that everyone could experience the joy of volleyball.

Setting has always been his main passion, and he was able to pass this same love to his daughter Riley at a young age. Riley joined Excel 14 Blue in 2022 as a setter and contributed to the team going to Nationals. He and his wife Mindy have two younger sons, which he hopes will play volleyball in the future.

Before joining as the Excel 12 Blue Assistant Coach, Philip coached teams in summer leagues at a local club and assisted the Excel 14 Blue team throughout the year. He believes in coaching with encouragement and enthusiasm to excite a player’s own drive to improve and learn. Philip insists that players are not only taught the correct mechanics, but that they understand the reasoning behind the instruction.When he isn’t coaching, Philip enjoys watching his daughter play volleyball and gaming with his sons.